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  Turqmelon ·   43 comments · View on Forum
As usual. Never once have I ever seen a perfect launch.

Here's what's done:
  • All player data transferred from Enjin
  • New shop configured
  • Servers updated to 1.8
  • Magic fairies moved to the new site.
The one thing standing in our way is a major bug with BungeeCord.

BungeeCord is the software that moves you between servers without having to connect to multiple IPs. The issue we're experiencing causes some players to be randomly disconnected with joining for the first time.

We've chosen to keep the network down for a longer amount of time until we're able to resolve this, as otherwise it would not be a stable play experience for all of our players.

We're working around the clock to get this back up as soon as we can.

See you guys soon!


New Maps! Phantasia & Wonderhelm!

  AlexirCraft ·   5 comments · View on Forum
Hellllo Everyone!
Alex here and I'm very happy to show you guys something you have all been requesting!
New to our AWESOME library of Survival Games maps is Phantasia & Wonderhelm!
The beautiful Wonderhelm was created by the following users! TheCookieSlayerz & xXKnightmairXx!
& The Awesome Phantasia was built by Krispy__Kreme, GT_R_Ninja, Dr_Melon29 & Jaeherys_II!
ALSO! The maps Snow Globe & Military Isle will now have chests in spawn!
We over at The Nexus hope you enjoy :)! Here are some beautiful screenshots provided by yours truly! <3



Factions: Introducing Lockpicks!

  AlexirCraft ·   3 comments · View on Forum
Good morning, afternoon or evening to you all!
As you can tell by the title we have something special for you all in Factions!
Introducing LOCKPICKS!
You can use lockpicks on chests and it'll open up in a territory claimed by anyone!
So those of you with epic items we recommend locking up your goodies in Obsidian or Bedrock rooms ;)!
Lockpicks can be purchased in the shop for $1000 and yes they do indeed stack!
And for those of you wondering Lockpicks are used in place of Tripwire Hooks!
We over at The Nexus hope you enjoy this small feature that let's the average player get some awesome items from epic raids!
Good luck & Have fun!


Welcome to the new Nexus site.

  Turqmelon ·   1 comments · View on Forum
I'm very happy to be able to finally launch this site.
As a side project for me since back in September of last year, the ability to finally call it "ready" is super awesome. While I expect there to be a few more bumps to smooth out, this is a huge leap forward for the community.

What's the purpose of this topic?
Many players may not yet be comfortable with the navigation of the new site. My goal is to make it as easy as possible, and put everything you need to know about the site right here. Let's introduce you to the main pages:

The New Homepage
The old site was very cluttered with a lot going on. Each page here is designed to be focused on what it's meant for. No cluttered side bars, or content everywhere.

At the top of the new site, we make our IP and supported versions very clear. The left and right show general stats such as online players, and our community size. The bottom alternates the IP addresses for our various locations, and the sign in button swaps between welcoming you back and showing a grid of our newest players.

Below the front page header, there is the most recent news posts. Formatted to be a lot cleaner and easier to read, they are also pulled from the Official News forum, keeping the experience constant.

The Player Browser
The old player browser showed an activity feed and a grid of staff members, not really anything anyone actively used. The new player browser should be a lot more fun to use.

The left sidebar highlights our staff members according to rank, the Nexus Team and Admins being on top. Underneath those players, we also list some basic site stats. On the right, we have a live game feed from the network. As games finish, you'll see them appear here. Below them, you'll see a list of our newest players, as well as highest ranking players in a few different categories.

Across the top you can search the entire network, to find who you want really quickly.

The New Shop
It was much too complicated to find and purchase upgrades in the past, so we hope to have simplified that experience.

You no longer need an account or a verified character to make shop purchases. This means that ranks and other items can now be gifted really easily! On top of this, almost anything that can be obtained in the server with nexites, can also be bought directly through the shop! We've also made the benefits a lot more clear to what each rank received, and thrown in some bonus nexites here and there to 1 year and lifetime rank durations.

The New Forum
Forums have been around for ages, but we hope our fresh take on the concept makes browsing and posting a lot more seamless.

The homepage has been replaced with a thread view from all subforums, with the category list moved to the right. At a glance, you can see what's new without jumping into and out of forums constantly. We've enhanced things like creating new topics, replying, and quoting people to be done all inline with the existing thread. No more constant page reloads.

When you're browsing a topic, we'll even let you know if there've been new posts since you started reading.

Submitting Maps via the Forums is No More
Until day 1, we've accepted maps through the forums. While this has worked fine, there was no clean way of formatting your maps and giving players a preview of it before they even opened your thread.

The map library cleans this up, and makes it a lot better too. When a map is submitted, you now design the page as you wish. You can add up to 10 screenshots to be formatted for quick at a glance views of your map. Players can LIKE and DISLIKE maps, as well as leave comments. Finally, map creators can leave a private download link that only the Nexus Team can see, allowing us to add your map in a snap without delay.

Cleaner Ideas
Also moved away from the forums! Submitting ideas is now done quickly and precisely. If you have a good idea, simply right it down and post it. If people agree with you, they can either Upvote or Downvote your idea. If you need to explain something, or ask questions, it can be done so in the idea comments.

100% Better Support

From the support tab at the top, you can quickly see FAQs, and get a direct line of contact with us. We're there for our playerbase, and want to make it as obvious as possible how to get ahold of us when needed.

Those are just the basic features!
As you start exploring the new site, you'll find more features, and just like the server, we're always adding more content to it.

We hope you're just as excited for this change to the new site as we are!


The New Support Page

  Turqmelon ·   5 comments · View on Forum
I don't like clunky and ugly things...
...which was exactly what the old support page was. Ew.

So I did a bit of a makeover!

The new support page has 2 notable changes:
  1. Tickets no longer exist. It was a bad replacement to something that already existed. One on one support is now handled by email. On our end we retain the panel system, but for you guys you just need to email support@thenexusmc.com!
  2. The content is now dynamic. When you visit the support page, you'll be asked what your issue relates to, depending on what you answer will vary the options for contacting us. This will result in less of us saying "You need to..." and more "Your problem has been fixed!".

In order to keep the convenience of starting tickets on the new site, you can start emails from the support page. When you do, it actually makes our job easier! It includes things like your Nexus ID, Rank, Purchases, and Browser info automagically!

Here are a few screenshots of the new interface:

Professional changes for a soon-to-be-launched website!

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